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Du willst von den besten Verkäufern lernen? Du willst mehr Deals machen? Dann ist DEAL der richtige Podcast für dich.

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Jun 14, 2020

  • How to find, onboard and train sales talent?
  • How to create a team that delivers results?
  • How to succeed as a sales leader?
  • Todays guest is a seasoned sales expert and with over 12 years B2B Sales experience. His sales career is truly global as he has done business across Sout Africa, Middle East, UK, Central Europe. As a VP of Sales for Sendcloud he is now "hyperscaling" the sales force with ambitious growth numbers.
  • Shownotes:
    • Culture first, you need to build a foundation that can cary growth before you scale.
    • Align your team on the shared values and standards
    • Recruit people that excelled in other areas, but also proved to deal with setbacks in the past
    • Have a rigid onboarding plan
    • As a leader, build trust with people.
    • Create an environment, where they can share victories, but also learn from mistakes
    • Earn trust and connect with your sales reps; give them a pat on the back when they deserve it, but also push for contructive feedback.
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